About Us


SAWA Sudan for Development and Humanitarian Aid Organization (SSDHA) is a non-profit, non – governmental organization established in 2008 in Khartoum Sudan as federal voluntary organization. Besides its Khartoum head office, the organization operates through five field offices (three in the states of central, north and west Darfur and two in the states of Kordufan and Blue Nile).

These field offices are entrusted with coordination to the international and national NGOs and UN agencies and governmental institutions, management and supervision of programs, community mobilization, establishment of, and coordination with partner CBOs, supervision of, assistance in the selection of’ projects participants, overseeing marketing of products, revolving funds and submission of reports and feedback to the Head Office.

SSDHA Structure


SSDHA has an Executive Committee, Board of trustees consisting of nine people who are the core founders of the organization?

The board is the overall policy and decision making body and overseer of the organization performance in accordance to vision, values and principles under which the organization was established.

SSDHA has a permanent staff with different specializations & qualifications that are competent to implement the strategy & the approved projects & programs

SSDHA (Headquarter)


The responsibility of SSDHA (Headquarter)

  • Overall management & coordination of the organization strategy.
  • Participate in Federal level forums
  • Financial control.
  • Monitoring & evaluation.
  • Coordination with donors, governmental, stakeholder& local institutions.
  • Fund Raising and resource mobilization
  • Strengthening the staff capacities and institutional support.
  • Documentation and Organization visibility.

SSDHA (Branch’s) Roles


Coordination with the INGOs and national NGOs, UN agencies & governmental institutions.


Programs management & supervision.


Establishment & supervision of CBOs to oversee the work.


Supervise & assist in the selection of participants’ projects


Oversee the marketing of products & the revolving funds.


Participate in the states level forums


Reporting & feedback to the Headquarter.


Check Our Objectives

  • Improve community’s livelihood.
  • Rehabilitating and integrating management of natural resources, biodiversity and impacts of climate change.
  • Improving Basic educational services (quality of children’s education, developing educational facilities, and conducting training for teachers, Create and enforcing manual usage
  • Increasing participation of youth, women and children.
  • Enhancing conflict resolutions and peace building capacity and skills.
  • Encouragement of the values of voluntary work as a mechanism for sustainable.
  • Decreasing level of illiteracy among adults, especially women.
  • Improving primary health care facilities.
  • Improving water and environmental sanitation services.
  • Increasing environmental awareness, hygiene promotion and health education.
  • Strengthening coordination and networking capacity.
  • Building conducive education environment.
Capacity building Programs

SSDHA focus on these programs to build the capacity of the indigenous cadres of NGOs, CBOs & local leaders to contribute in developing their communities.

  • Natural resources management training
  • Vocational training
  • Peace building and conflict resolution training
  • Project management training
  • Implementation of IGA activities
  • Women empowerment (participation and improving their livelihood)
  • implementation of diversified youth programmes in different areas
Health & Nutrition Programs
  1.  Constructing of health facilities.
  2.  Training of Health Cadres & supply them with necessary equipment.
  3.  Raising health & Nutrition awareness.
  4.  Immunization, nutrition, motherhood & childhood care
  5. Primary health care facilities (mobile clinics – trainings –supplies distribution –staff support program)
  6. Reproductive Health Activities (coffee counseling – awareness raising –home visits –trainings – RH kits distribution).
Education Programs: Referring to UN (Education for All)
  1. SSDHA is working in building new schools & school rehabilitations.
  2. Seating of pupils & supply of educational teaching materials & equipment.
  3. Building of Centers for women, youth, adolescents & child school dropout.
  4. School feeding, uniform, Stationary, health cares for education & sports.
  5. Distribution of sports tools & equipment
WASH Programs
  1.  Hand pumps rehabilitation
  2. Construction of hand dug-well
  3. Rehabilitation & maintenance of School latrine.
  4. Awareness raising hygiene promotion
Food security and livelihood programme
  1. CBOs formation in Darfur and Kordufan.
  2. book-keeping & marketing.
  3. Supplied with loans & equipment’s.
  4. Markets rehabilitation.
  5. Establish and support livelihood centers including the provision of equipment.
  6. Establishment of women centers for handcraft development.
  7. Support kitchen gardens in the villages and IDPs camps.
  8. Support farmers groups with seeds, and agricultural extensions
  9. Support community animal health workers (CAHWs) with kits and drugs
General Protection Programs
  1. Support reproductive health by midwife’s refresher training and personal hygiene kits
  2. Non Food Items (NFI)
  3. Gender based violence (GBV)
  4. Child protection(CP)