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Project Name: Building Resilience for Poverty Reduction (BRPR)

Project Area: West Darfur State – Republic of Sudan

Target Group: Direct: 115970 (female – 68696, male – 47274).

Donors: Irish Aid through Concern Worldwide

Duration: January 2017 to December 2021

Project Activities

  1. Promotion of Conservation Agriculture (Sandbanks, Promotion of vegetable growing
  2. Natural Regeneration of existing tree resources.
  3. Improving agricultural and livestock service provision in Geneina and Mornei
  4. Support animal vaccination campaigns on a cost recovery basis and ensure a sustainable supply chain for vaccines
  5. Establish 60 VS&L groups in Sisi, Mornei, Ganderni, Nabagaya.
  6. Promotion of small ruminants’ production and Social protection study
  7. Assessment of the existing water resources and Water User Committees.
  8. Geophysical exploration, drilling, water testing and equipping of four boreholes and construction of Hand Dug Wells (HDWs) s.
  9. Establishment of 25 sustainable Water User Committees.
  10. Establish a sustainable supply chain for hand pump spare parts for water infrastructure.
  11. Installation of a solar pump system with elevated tanks in Sisi IDPs camp.
  12. Support the establishment of a pilot sustainable water testing system for water sources in Mornei camp and Romalia
  13. ‘bridging’ hygiene activities based on barrier analysis
  14. Conduct CHAST trainings in Romalia, Ganderni, Dour sharia primary schools
  15. Roll out and monitor Community Led Total Sanitation (CLTS) activities in Dour sharia communities as part of the pilot phase which is being led by Sanitation Department.
  16. Construction of institutional latrines in Romalia, Ganderni and Dour Sharia.
  17. Support MOH to provide integrated Nutrition & Health services (CMAM, RH, IYCF, IMCI and EPI) for <5 children and Pregnant and lactating mothers at facility and community level.
  18. Support to Traditional Birth Attendants
  19. Train and Support Mother groups
  20. Capacity building for community health volunteers
  21. Support HIV/AIDS interventions
  22. Conduct joint monitoring visits to health facilities
  23. Capacity building for Ministry of Health staff
  24. Piloting of Participatory Cooking Sessions (PCS) methodology
  25. Carry out behavioural change activities

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