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Project Name: Improve maternal and child health services through increase access to maternal and child health services and provision of integrated packets

Project Area: West & Central Darfur State – Republic of Sudan

Target Group: 540,102 including 88,456 children under 5 years, Direct beneficiaries: 88,456 children under 5 years.

Donors: UNICEF

Duration: 1st April 2018 to 31 March 2019

Project Activities

  1. Supporting 9 primary health care (PHC) facilities with the staff, essential health commodities and supplies in addition to small repairs, basic furniture (tables, chairs, shelves, cupboards, etc.), non-medical & basic office supplies and commodities.
  2. Operating 3 mobile clinics over 6 month’s period to provide PHC services to children in remote villages.
  3. Strengthening the referral system: the main focus will be to increase knowledge of service providers on specific and nearby secondary and tertiary health entities for referral, especially for but not limited to emergency obstetric care. This will also include providing emergency transportation cost to vulnerable patients.
  4. Training of 72 community health workers (CHWs) on ICCM to increase IMCI coverage through community based interventions.
  5. Training of 24 community midwives (CMWs) on in-service training in order to improve the RH health services provision (ANC, PNC and assisted delivery),
  6. Training of 72 community health promoters (CHPs) on IMCI community component to participate in the social mobilization and health promotion activities.
  7. Supporting health awareness sessions within the targeted communities to promote for utilization of health services and key family practices.
  8. 30 medical doctors and midwives trained on Emergency obstetrics
  9. 60 health Cadirs trained on reproductive health package.
  10. 18 awareness sessions on reproductive health conducted at 6 localities
  11. 60 midwives and representative women union trained on reproductive health advocacy.
  12. Increase awareness of target communities about reproductive and neonatal care issues.
  13. Improve skills and knowledge of health workers to provide quality reproductive health services including emergency.
  14. 41,587 pregnant women benefited from the reproductive health services.

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