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Project Name: Promote Reconciliation and Coexistence for Sustainable Peace in Darfur

Project Area: West & Central Darfur State ( Garsila, Mukjar, Beida, Sirba and Azum localities) Republic of Sudan

Target Group: Direct: 117995 (female – 70696, male – 47299).

Donors: UNDP

Duration: 1st May 2018 to 31st December 2018

Project Activities

  1. Establish six (6) women’s networks, groups or associations per centre to support the functioning of the PJRCs through participation in PJRC activities.
  2. Facilitate the women’s networks, groups or associations per center to undertake community level reconciliation and conflict resolution activities including workshops and dissemination of peace messages,
  3. Train 240 Women on peace building and peaceful coexistence (3 workshops one in each locality)
  4. Conduct 12 community Peace dialogue forums through drama role play, music to encourage women empowerment and participation in peace building.
  5. Provide support to native administration and women groups to conduct mediation, reconciliation and training sessions
  6. Conduct village saving and lending association (VSLA) to 6 groups/associations of women consisting of 240 individuals (women).
  7. Establish (6 women) and support revolving scheme saving and loans, two in each locality and trained them on food processing and Marketing
  8. Establish (6) Shelling machines one at each locality.
  9. Established (6) producer’s association groups one in each locality and support them with tools.
  10. Establish (6) storehouse (1 at each locality).
  11. Conduct 5 training on Marketing and small business Management (320 which 60% women)
  12. Rehabilitation (6) infra-structure of markets for 3 women groups Association (shelters) and training them on Market assessment and peace building
  13. Access producer’s groups to financial insinuation & Micro Credit Finance bank (5 trips 1 for each locality).

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